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If you believe in life after death, you are certainly aware of the Law of Karma. Throughout the various lives we experience here on Earth, we carry characteristics and sensations from past lives. More than that, we repeat patterns that can explain karmic connections. In this article, we will discuss this subject that intrigues us all.


Several world beliefs say that we do not end here. Perhaps the most famous is Spiritism, which believes in reincarnation. A soul passes through different earthly experiences in order to live with others souls and obtain its evolution.

When we die and are born into a new life, we usually do not remember anything about our past lives. But in some cases, these signs can occur and the person gets the familiar feeling that they already know that particular person, place or situation.

It is no use escaping because in a conscious or unconscious way, we will certainly face what has meant to us so much in past lives. These are patterns that repeat themselves and we can not avoid. The cure would be to not resist and learn the lesson needed to finally close this chapter in your life – the current and the future.

Past lives and reincarnation are subjects widely discussed by those who believe there is something more above us. Depending on belief, a person’s life does not end in death. By the way, it may be just getting started.

One of the most plausible explanations for reincarnation is that our soul must go through a long process to achieve maximum enlightenment. A soul does not exist on the physical plane without a body and each life is as if it was a gift.

When the soul fulfils its role in that particular life, it leaves that body to prepare and return in another, with new challenges.

The fact that we do not remember our past lives in an easy and complete way is still a mystery. However, people argue whether this is good or bad. Would knowing who we were would help or distract us in this life? What do you think?

If there is still doubt whether knowing or not knowing is good, there is a consensus elsewhere: past lives do have implications in our current lives.

Have you ever had the feeling that you live the same thing a thousand times? Some situations are put in front of us countless times and we continue to act in the same way. Even when we have the choice to do differently.

Some people can only credit what is happening to them today to what has happened in the past. Why is this happening to me? Why me among all the others?

Certain things may actually seem inexplicable and it is only through deep self-knowledge that we can get little tips, at least. Discovering or at least suspecting who we were in past lives can help us understand trends that have been repeating themselves.


Make some time for yourself, take a deep breath, concentrate and reflect on all these questions. We hope to help you find your answers.

1. What inspires you the most? Art, words, science? Make a list of your main interests and think about where they came from. Try to find their roots.

2. Do you have some very distinctive and inexplicable talent, compared to the people in your family?

3. Do you have some extreme and almost unreasonable fear?

4. Have you ever had a dream as if you were in another era and elsewhere, but full of details, as if it were your real life?

5. Do you have a strong connection to some other place in the world even though you have never been there?

6. Have you ever felt a strong impact when crossing with certain people in your life? As if that person were really familiar with other lives?

7. Do you have the feeling of living and reliving the same situations? And here, it does not even have to be in real life, but in movies, books, etc.? Do you have the tendency to always “bump” on the same subjects?


As the word karma carries a very heavy weight, most people even have a certain fear of talking about it. But this is not always so heavy.

Karma even influences simple and seemingly insignificant things like the way you interact with someone you just met and will not stay for long in your life. And of course, it also influences the big decisions we have to make, like choosing a job or a loving partner.

Karma is divided into many types and it is crucial to know them to identify and solve them. Below we list the most known types of karma.

Self-karma: there is a pattern of recurring behavior that is tied to very personal and intimate issues. Someone may have a problem of acceptance of one’s own body and therefore overeating or not to eat at all. Or someone who has difficulty accepting himself as a human being and has a tendency to devote himself more to the problems of others than his own.

Genealogy karma: here the pattern of recurrent behavior is intrinsically linked to a family and is passed down from generation to generation. A grandfather may have been alcoholic, making the father and the grandson also.

Interpersonal karma: Past-life experiences and relationships end up interfering with how somebody relates to others in this life. Someone who has always been mistreated ends up unconsciously choosing partners who continue to mistreat her.


Some people believe that none of the people we know have come into our lives by chance. This includes close people as our family or husband/spouse to the doorman that works at your building. All come and stay for the time determined by the divine, or rather, by the karma from past lives.

But, some signs can help us feel that our relationship with that particular person is much more intense than the others.

Do you know when you first meet someone and immediately see there a mental connection? The person seems to understand everything you say and even complete your sentences. This could be a sign of a karmic connection.

And just like the immediate sympathy, the opposite is also considered a sign. If even without plausible reasons, you already have aversion to someone you have just met, you may have gone through a lot in some past life.

If there are instantaneous feelings, whether good or bad, you can think twice about that person. Unfounded fear, guilt, nervousness or restlessness are also part of the list of karmic connections from past lives.

How The Universal Law Of Wisdom Works

We keep finding ourselves in repetitive patterns or cycles, yet keep committing the same mistake again. This is how The Universal Law Of Wisdom comes to the picture.

The Universal Law Of Wisdom releases the other person or people from the wheel of karma by forgiving them with unconditional love.

Unconditional love helps us focus on the lessons learned and the experiences we had making us forgive others no matter how bad the damage had been.

We may have a hard time understanding this. Yet, before we incarnate here, we were on the other side of the veil feeling only unconditional love for another. When we made the soul contract, unconditional love was being removed from us.

Because of the mistakes we committed in the past life, we decided to come back to experience these mistakes from the other person’s perspective. Hence, we made a soul contract with that person to resolve the issues.

The idea was to put an end to the wheel of karma. However, upon incarnating here, the pains of the lessons distracted us to attaining our original loving intent when the contract was made, making those who didn’t learn the lessons create more karma.

You might have gone through bad relationships in the past, consider releasing the persons from the wheel of karma by forgiving them and giving them unconditional love.

Doing this might be the most difficult thing you’ve done in your entire life, especially when the relationship was abusive. But bear in mind that you might be the abuser in the past life and that you agreed to come here for the main purpose of ending the cyclic abusive relationship. This is your best time to take the high road and end the karma in this incarnation.

This doesn’t mean there’s a necessity to unconditionally love the person you have had the relationship with.

It just means you have to unconditionally love the lessons learned through the experiences, thereby putting an end to all karmic relationships with that particular person.

When you use and live in accordance with The Universal Law Of Wisdom to the fullest, you’re ultimately putting an end to all karmic relationships.

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