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Success, Fame and Respect as per astrology

We all want success, fame and respect in the world. In general, a sense of ambition can be seen in everyone. To be successful and to be successful only, people are working in this spirit. People are also making every effort to earn success. Then whether that effort is being done in the right way or it is being done in the wrong way. Today the end has become the main for achieving success, the sattvikta of the means has become secondary today.

We live in a world of success worshippers. Today many thousand people are being born in the world every moment. In this way, if we analyze, then the percentage of people who are famous all over the world is less than 1. The situation has become such that everyone wants to know whether he will be successful? If successful, when will it happen? And will he be rich? Today’s person is surrounded by some such questions. Can such questions be solved with the help of Kundli?

Today we will try to know this-

Having Panchmahapurush Yoga, Raja Yoga, Chandradi Yoga, Dhan Yoga and other auspicious yogas in the horoscope also does not mean that the person will be successful, wealthy and with respect. Because we know that such yogas are also formed in thousands, millions of horoscopes and not all the people with horoscopes containing such yogas are able to touch the heights of success. The planet Saturn stays in one zodiac for about two and a half years and Jupiter for about one year. Thus, when Saturn is in Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius, it is either self-occupied or exalted when it is in Libra.

In this way, in the horoscope of the people born in about seven and a half years, if Saturn is in these three signs, Saturn increases the chances of success by becoming very auspicious. Saturn, Jupiter or Rahu being exalted, swarashistha or mooltrikonastha can make a person rich, but it is not necessary that a rich person should also be a successful person. Money yoga plays a partial role in career success, advancement, and respect, they can be called complementary. But only money yoga is not the criterion of success of a person. We often see around us that some people struggle whole life for money and success and the person gets success after death. Death also gives fame to a person many times.

Ascendant in horoscope

According to astrology, ascendant belongs to our self. It is the most important and significant house of the birth chart. When this house blesses with strong and positive planets then the native will become successful and achieve heights in their career or life. Without the power of ascendant and its lord, the chances of the native enjoying success do not exist.

It is believed that ascendant and its lord both create the opportunities for attaining success. Ascendant is both a trine and angular house in a horoscope. Hence. When its lord has an association with one of its kind then the person’s fate would be in ascendance. A person who is Cancer ascendant, Moon and Mars combination will prove wonderful for them. In their horoscope, Moon is the lord of the ascendant and Mars is the lord of the fifth and the tenth house. The fifth house relate to Aries and tenth house related to Scorpio sign.

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries while the 10th house is mid heaven itself. This bhava of the birth chart shows the southern direction. Mars holds a strong position in the south direction. Aries is also the Mool-trikona house that is only next to exaltation house in the importance of Mars. For Cancer ascendant natives, Mars is an auspicious and benefic planet as, on the account, if its ownership of the 10th house, it loses its evil and fiery nature here.

The second house of birth chart signifies wealth and money. Exchange of Mars with the Sun, the lord of the second house can give wonderful results to the natives. In this position, the sun is considered in its exaltation with full directional strength. If Mars is conjunct with the Moon or Jupiter or if Jupiter is placed in the ascendant, in Cancer, its exaltation, such a native will be equivalent to a king who has all the powers. In the birth chart presence of Venus in Taurus in the eleventh house will increase the auspiciousness of this combination. When Mars and Jupiter combining placed in the fifth house and Moon in the eleventh house, its exaltation or in the ascendant can also be wonderful ruling and wealth giving combination for such a native. Jupiter and Moon presence in the ascendant house will also make a person powerful.

If the Ascendant is strong, then the person is stronger than the personality. Not afraid of adversity. When Ascendant and Ascendant are strong then the horoscope becomes strong to a great extent.

If a person wants to achieve success in their life then his lagna lord or ascendant lord must be in a strong position. For success, everything is dependent on Ascendant. If the ascendant lord is strong, the foundation of the chart is strong and any good yoga will be able to function properly only if the lagna and its lord is positive and strong.

To become a popular politician or mass leader, we need a strong Saturn in our birth chart. According to astrology, Saturn is the karaka for masses. When Saturn is strongly placed with Rahu or Venus then this combination will make a person famous among masses. If there is any relation between 7th and 10th house then the person will gain fame.

The eleventh house of the horoscope is the house of success, progress, fame and respect. This house is also the house of fulfillment of desires, desires and profit. The eleventh house gives us the fruits of our hard work. You have to do your own tasks efficiently in order to work. The eleventh house is the house of beliefs, rewards and benefits. First let’s study the house of Lagna. If the Ascendant is strong, then other planetary yogas located in the horoscope can also give their results.

For whether a person will be successful or not, let’s see the following rules-

First we look at the eleventh house. The position of the eleventh house and the lord of the eleventh house is considered. If the lord of the eleventh house is situated in the center or triangle house, then it gives favorable results. If it is situated in the eleventh sign, it gives best results. The sixth, eighth and twelfth houses and the lord of these houses are not considered auspicious.

All the planets and houses associated with the eleventh house play an important role in success and progress. The more the planets aspecting the eleventh house or Bhavesh, in the same quantity, the chances of a person being successful are formed.

If Ekadashesh is auspicious in the horoscope, then the person is always happy and tries to keep others happy as well. On the contrary, if the lord of the eleventh house is under inauspicious influence, then the person himself remains distracted and difficulties remain in achieving success. The presence of the eleventh house and the eleventh house under the influence of inauspicious planets makes the life of a person struggling. Because of this, the benefits of the person are limited and success is also not easily achieved.

In simple words, it can be said that the axis of success of any person revolves around the eleventh house and its ruling planet. In the horoscope of all the people who have been successful till date, the eleventh house and the eleventh from the eleventh ie the ninth house should be auspicious and strong. The second house is the house of wealth, this house gives information about wealth accumulation without giving information about the arrival of money.

The third house of the horoscope represents courage and initiative to face any challenge. The sixth house is of opponents and detractors. How our enemies will trouble us and how we will solve them all can be known from the sixth house. Tenth house is the house of karma and hard work. And the eleventh house is the result of the tenth house. Of course we have receipts.

If Saturn, Mars or Rahu are placed in the eleventh house, then the chances of success of a person increase. Sometimes success brings fame with it and sometimes fame makes us successful. But both are different, can complement each other, yet both cannot replace each other. If the lord of the eleventh house is in the second house, then the person can get financial benefits in large quantities.

To become famous among the common man, the planet Saturn should be very strong. Saturn is the karaka planet of common man. If Rahu is situated with Venus, then the person becomes famous due to controversies. Like a popular leader or a politician. The position of the moon is also considered to see fame. Apart from this, if Jupiter/Venus or auspicious Mercury sees the Moon, then the person gets fame as a result of his/her ability and knowledge. If the moon is situated in the fifth house or if the moon is well placed and situated in the tenth house, then the person becomes famous soon. This is only yoga, it should not be understood here that any person who has Moon in the fifth or tenth house in his horoscope, then that person will become successful or prestigious. It is not, it is only a sign, a sum, a possibility.

For example, if the Sun is exalted in Aries and Mars, the lord of Aries, is debilitated in Cancer, it will reduce the auspiciousness of the Sun. Apart from this, if Mars is exalted, then if it has a fourth look on the exalted Sun from here, then it increases the auspiciousness of Sun along with Mars. This type of yoga enhances the yogas of wealth and fame. Rahu in the karmic house and eleventh house has the ability to give fame to a person.

Astrological rules

Jupiter in the 10th is a clear indication for fame. Jupiter is a Sattwic planet which denotes expansion and is connected to the “ether” element, a determinant of stability and gives raise to spotless, eternal fame. Venus in the 5th house, which denotes poorvapunya can be a determinant of celebrity status, especially in female charts. Venus in lagna can make one beautiful, good-looking, pretty or handsome and gives rise to fame through a graceful personality and personal charm.Mercury, which is a benefic, in close proximity to the Ascendant can make one honourable while Moon in 11th is a common feature in charts of people who enjoy great reputation.

A strong Sun, a strong Moon and a strong Ascendant are all essential for gaining name and fame. Without a strong foundation, the mere presence of yogas would not make one famous. One becomes famous only when the auspicious dasha of an appropriate planet is in operation. This is why many people who have remained in obscurity in the first part of their lives, suddenly get into limelight as their life unfolds. In fact, one can see in many charts, the presence of Kala Sarpa Yoga which diminishes the prospects of the chart holder in the initial stages of life and gives rise to a Raja Yoga in the later parts. This is what we call the “Rags-to-riches” story, we often come across.

Mass appeal is denoted by Saturn. Whenever Saturn is strongly placed in a chart, one gets liked by the masses. Generally people who become celebrities through the movie line have very good Venus, Rahu and Saturn. Similarly those who succeed through Politics have strong Sun, Mars and Saturn. Professionals who do well in career and get popular with their Clients have strong planets peculiar to their line of profession. For instance, a Chartered Accountant who does well in auditing should have a strong Mercury or Jupiter. Again it is Jupiter who is karaka for Law. Sun, Venus or Mars strongly placed give rise to doctors who become famous for their diagnostic skills.

It is also noted that a cluster of planets associated with a particular house adds to the strength of that house and consequently the chart holder derives name and fame through the indications of that house. The 10th house could be said to be the house of fame. A strongly placed planet in the 10th gives rise to name and fame. If the Ascendant Lord is strongly placed either in the 10th or in a quadrant house, it gives rise to fame. The conjunction of the Ascendant Lord with Jupiter makes one reputed.

Yogas and fame

Yogas like Adhi Yoga, Gaja Kesari Yoga, Vasumathi Yoga and Amala Yoga make one a prominent face in society. Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas and the Maha Bhagya Yoga also give rise to name and fame. Here I would like to place a rider. If the horoscope as a whole is devoid of benefic influences, then the mere presence of the above mentioned Yogas will not take a person to dizzy heights. The presence of the Yogas is like the proverbial “icing on the cake”- so what we need to know is that when the cake is absent the icing will not help!
One becomes famous if Jupiter occupies the Ascendant, aspected by the lords of 2,5 or 9. One gets fame if Jupiter and Venus occupy their own houses while a strong planet occupies the 7th. If a trinal sign from the house where the Lagna lord is placed, happens to be a fixed sign and is aspected either by a benefic or the Lagna Lord then the chart holder begets lasting fame. Other combinations which give rise to fame are:
a) Ascendant lord in the 10th
b) 5th Lord in the 9th
c) Moon in the 2nd, Lagna Lord in 9 and 9th Lord in 4.

Fame can come in a variety of ways but honour can be got from the government and other organisations. Now let us look at a few combinations for honour.
If the 9th Lord is in the 10th and Lord of 10 is exalted and conjoins Jupiter, then one begets honour. If the Ascendant Lord is in the 2nd or if Lord of 2 is in 11, one gets honour. One leads a honourable life if the 7th Lord is strong and either conjoins or gets aspected by benefics.

Karma, and Astrology

The law of Karma is similar to the echo – whatever you do comes back to you, sometimes manifold. So we were talking about luck and karma and how they unite to give rise to a Raja Yoga. The tenth house deals with karma. To be precise the operation of the 10th house has everything to do with prarabdha karma (Activated Karma) which is different from sanchita or Dormant Karma. Sanchita Karma is similar to Potential energy whereas Prarabhda karma is like kinetic energy.So it is best to either do good karma or selfless karma or better still not to increase the karmic baggage, at least in this birth. When we speak about fame, respect or honour, they are merely by-products of karmas of earlier births. You are praised by someone today because you did something praiseworthy in your last birth or even earlier. The job of an astrologer is to decipher from the planetary placement at birth and whether the chart is indicative of fame or notoriety. When a chart is neither indicative of fame nor indicative of notoriety, one is bound to lead a life of anonymity. This effectively means, there are no strong planets influencing the houses which are productive of fame.

Remedies to achieve success and name/fame

  • Pray to your god regularly and ask him/her to bless you with success.
  • To make Moon and Jupiter strong, do Satsang at home.
  • Do not discuss your plans and ideas with others. Keep secrecy.
  • Before sleeping chanting, the mantra of your Isht dev. Put supari, kamalgatta or rudraksha under your pillow while chanting the mantra.
  • Gift silver ornaments to your father, sister or Guru.
  • Donate bricks to the temple or some poor person.
  • Don’t neglect Pitra dosh as it can become your biggest hurdle in achieving success.
  • Wear silver chain in your neck which is given by your Mother.
  • Write your goal on Bhojpatra.
  • Avoid important works in Amavasya, Chaturthi or Navami.
  • Do not consume non-vegetarian food and alcohol.
  • Read Gita’s 4, 7 and 11th chapters every day.
  • Give respect to your elders and parents.

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