Wearing A Silver Ring In Your Little Finger helps you

Do you think it’s possible to pull off a perfect outfit without the right amount of accessorizing? Okay, if you don’t like wearing neck pieces, or earrings, you would definitely love wearing these tiny rings of charm. We are talking about finger rings. Those lovely miniature finger cuffs that we all so dearly adorn our fingers with. Turns out that these little bands have the power to change your life. Apart from letting people know your marital status, rings, if worn in the right fingers and with right gemstones and metal, can influence your life greatly. Don’t believe us? Allow us to elaborate.

Have you ever wondered why a wedding ring is worn only in the ring finger and not in the pinky or the index finger? It’s because each finger signifies specific energy. If you’re curious to know about that significance to identify which finger you should wear a ring in, here’s a quick guide:

Thumb: The thumb symbolizes  willpower in a person. If you’re particularly looking for strength and want to connect with your inner-self, wear a ring in your thumb. The preferred stones for the thumb are ruby and garnet.

Index Finger: The finger is associated with a certain kind of power — authority, leadership, and ambition. An interesting fact from history is that powerful and successful kings wore rings in their index finger. So, if you want to be guided in the right direction, opt for amethyst or blue or yellow topaz ring in the index finger.

Middle Finger: True to its moniker, a ring, worn in the middle finger, brings balance in one’s life. If you need assistance in juggling your life better, opt for coral and quartz for this finger.

Little Finger: Popularly known as the pinky, this finger represents the interpersonal relationships. Marriage, work, friendships and our attitude towards all of it is monitored by this finger. The suitable stones for this finger are amber and citrine.

Ring Finger: The reason why we wear our wedding ring in this finger is that it connects directly with the heart. It affects the emotional and creative aspect of a person. It also influences your optimism in life. So, if you’re getting a wedding ring, get one in jade or moonstone to enhance the emotional side in you.

According to the Spiritual Research Foundation, wearing jewelry can ward off negative energies and help us imbibe divine energy for spiritual healing. If you are a believer of astrology, tarot cards, and spiritual healing, you must be aware of the importance that jewelry, especially rings hold in transforming one’s life. Now that we’ve learned a little about the importance of each finger and their associated gemstones, let’s understand the importance of wearing silver in your pinky.

Benefits Of Wearing Silver

Silver jewelry is a favorite among many across the globe. It goes with most dresses, is light and easy on the eyes, and comparatively inexpensive. But, in addition to that, it has significant health benefits.
History has it that silver has been a powerful antimicrobial agent which helps in preventing cold and flu, healing wounds, and even in fighting infections.

In addition to that, silver or scientifically known as Argentum assists in circulation and internal heat regulation. Many wearers have felt a positive difference in their energies and moods due to the natural properties of silver that offset external electrical disturbances. According to Vedic astrology, silver helps in maintaining immunity and bringing abundance and luck to the wearer.

Another interesting advantage offer by silver is its aversion to toxic substances. As a metal, it reacts and changes color when it comes in contact with chemicals that are usually considered toxic. So, in a way, it helps you stay safe.

Why You Should Wear Silver In Your Little Finger

  1. We know that in astrology, the moon and Jupiter have a powerful influence on our personalities. So, when you wear a silver ring in your pinky, it helps you reap maximum benefits from Jupiter and the moon. While Jupiter brings good luck and success, the moon influences your emotional wellbeing and relationships. If you’re feeling off in these segments, wear a silver ring. For all you know, the tides might turn in your favor.
  2. It’s known to heal your energy and steer clear off negative emotions. If you’re an anxious person and panic at the drop of a hat, silver ring in your little finger will help you maintain calmness.
  3. As it calms you down, it also enhances your beauty and personality because of the positivity it brings in you, as a person. From Hulk, you can become a Zen master.
  4. As said earlier, a silver ring has the power to attract the energies of the moon and Jupiter and those energies are significant in maintaining your mental health. If your moon is weak, you might be more susceptible to mental breakdowns. So, a silver ring will ensure that you are always in the pink of your health.
  5. This might sound like a piece of information that has no grain of truth to it, but studies suggest that wearing silver can treat arthritis and control hyperextension or deformity of finger joints.

The silver lining here is that in addition to serving the purpose of enhancing your look, wearing a silver ring can greatly influence your health and wellbeing. We say, there’s no harm in giving it a shot, if you think that it doesn’t work to better your life, then you have a fine piece of jewelry to show off!

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