Sun Transit in Gemini (15 June 2021)

The transit of the Sun in Gemini is likely to bring several changes in almost all aspects of life. Due to this transit, you are suggested to be careful in the context of health as the virus, which is spreading at a faster pace, is likely to affect you. The economy may see many ups and downs during this period and there can be a communication gap among the nations. 

If the Sun is in a debilitated state in one’s horoscope, they face health-related troubles, especially, eye problems, challenges in getting a job of their desire, etc. On the other hand, if the Sun is in the exalted state, then a person commands respect in the society, converts obstacles into opportunities fearlessly, takes interest in political subjects, etc

The Sun will transit in Gemini on June 15, 2021, at 05:49 AM and will reside in the same zodiac sign till July 16, 2021, upto 04:41 PM. After this, it will move into the Cancer zodiac sign.

In the context of this transit, let us read in detail as per the zodiac sign and know how it is going to influence our life. 

These predictions are based on your moon sign.


The 5th house lord Sun is in the 3rd house of younger siblings, short distance travel and communication etc. The transit of the Sun in Gemini can cause some kind of confusion regarding your children. In your personal life, you have a happy and fun time. Short-term travel by business and salespersons will give encouraging results. The main concern can be regarding the education of your children. You would want to explore the creative side during this period. Aries natives in professions related to sales and marketing, Media or Journalism will be benefited. Your administrative and leadership abilities will enhance during the transit, the natives who are in the field of sports and athletics will get the opportunity to showcase their talent. You can also see improvement in your relationship with your father.


  1. Doing Surya Namaskar daily will prove beneficial.
  2. Worship the ruling deity of Lord Sun that is Lord Shiva.


The Sun being the 4th lord will transit in the 2nd house of wealth, family and communication. Sun transit indicates that expenses on the renovation of home are likely. During this period you will be interested in investing in properties or fixed assets. The money will surely come to you. During this period you will be more inclined towards spending your time with your family and loved ones. There would be authority and tone in your speech, therefore you need to control your authoritativeness to get desired results while dealing with others. At work, there can be favours from top management, those involved in the business will get benefited from deals and negotiation. You need to be careful about issues related to Face and eyes, also take precautionary measures to save from viral infection.


  1. Worship Lord Surya.
  2. Recite Aditya Ritesh Stotram or Gayatri Mantra for pleasing Sun.


The Sun being the lord of the 3rd house will be transiting in the 1st house of self and personality. During this transit, you will be inclined to make new intelligent moves to push ahead your prospects. You may also tend to spend more money on your friends’ circle or travelling. As far as career is concerned, natives might get overloaded with work and responsibilities. On the business front, things will remain satisfactory for you. You will enjoy greater vitality in this period so take proper care of your body and review your state of health and appearance. It is advised to keep your ego in check, otherwise, temperamental issues can create ups and downs in your relationship.


  1. Chanting the ‘Ram Raksha Stotra’ daily will be beneficial for you.
  2. Donate wheat, jaggery, dark vermilion coloured cloth on Sunday to make the Sun stronger.


The lord of 2nd house Sun is transiting in the 12th house of expenses, salvation and loss. Cancer natives can face some health issues related to headache, fever, health and eye problems. Sun transiting in your house of foreign gains, the transit will bring gains and benefits from a foreign land. 12th house is the house of loss, therefore it is advised to avoid huge investments during this period or do proper scrutiny and evaluation before investing. During the transit do not trust people too much, as they might disappoint you. You need to maintain proper communication with your spouse to avoid any misunderstanding. Maintain a check on your eating habits and maintain a proper diet it would be wise to go for health checkups. middle-aged and above being troubled by old health issues and they need to have a regular check-up to become aware of variations.


  1. Worshipping ‘Maa Gauri” form of Goddess Durga will bring auspicious results.
  2. Do the Jap of planet the Sun’s Mool Mantra: “ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं स: सूर्याय नम:। / oṃ hrāṃ hrīṃ hrauṃ sa: sūryāya nama:।”


The lord of 1st house Sun is transiting in the 11th house of Gain and incomes. Leo natives will become ambitious. Your main life focus will be to excel in communication and networking. Natives in the profession of Marketing and sales, HR and writers will have success. You will finally achieve the success that you were waiting for so long. A long-awaited profit may finally cross your path, you will be influential, administrative, and very well organised during this period. You will also get support in or work-related from the government. As far as personal life is concerned you may expect to begin a new relationship. Personal life will be very conducive and you will be spending quality time with your family and friends. This transit will turn out to be very favourable for your desires and wishes, as long as you are not greedy, selfish or stubborn in your approach.


  1. Wearing Ruby stone in your ring finger in copper or gold will bring favourable results.
  2. Pour water to the Sun every day in the morning after taking a bath and put red flowers in a brass/bronze vessel.


The lord of 12th house Sun is transiting in the 10th house of career, anime and fame. The Sun in this house is at its directional strength so this time will be the peak in your career. A lot of new opportunities await you outside in the world, you have to take a deep glance as it depends all on your potential and efforts. As far as business is concerned you will earn a lot of profit, name and fame in your career. The professional looking for a job will be able to get one. Sun is considered as the prime significator of the father therefore, you will receive a lot of support from him. In terms of health, you need to remain careful from viral infection. In personal life, some issues can make you feel uncomfortable. It is advised to go for morning or evening walks to avoid any negativity that may prevail.


  1. Donating Jaggery on Sunday in temples or to poor people will prove beneficial.
  2. Take precautions in consuming excess salt or rice in any form.


The lord of the 11th house Sun in the 9th house of religion, father, spirituality, journey and luck and fortune indicates that some ego clashes with your father or father-like figure may happen. The transit of the Sun in the 9th house can bring in a lack of luck and opportunities. It is advised to put in a lot of effort and hard work to achieve your goal. Your income patterns may likely get a smooth flow. You would be acting fearlessly so better to evaluate your options before making final decisions. No major health issue will be your concern. However, if you have any trouble related to the respiratory system health checkup is advised. It is advised to on your communication skills for your progress and prosperity


  1. Worship Tulsi plants and pour water, as it will bring you auspicious results.
  2. Always wash hands after touching footwear, this will reduce the malefic effect of the Sun.


The lord of your 10th house Sun will be transiting in the 8th house of transformation and uncertainty. You may have to face a lot of ups and downs in your professional life Additionally you might feel anxious and disrupted. You may face some changes in relations with your in-laws, joint assets with the spouse, surgeries, secret affair occult etc. At this time it is advised to stay in the background and work in a low profile without gaining any unnecessary attention. Detectives or those in secret agencies or in secret services in the government will get benefited during this time. The most important thing this time is to build trust both in personal and professional life and reinforce your close bond.


  1. Wearing a Ruby stone in the ring finger will bring auspicious results.
  2. If possible keep fast on Sundays, refrain taking any salt during fast to make your planet sun stronger.


The Lord of your 9th house Sun is transiting in the 7th house of marriage, partnership and relations. Your temper may be a big problem in your personal life. Those seeking to get married may get delayed due to some reasons. Married couples should not get involved in ego battles. Business partnerships may suffer during this period so try and maintain good relations. Those in Management and communication-related professions will see rise and growth in their career. This is a good time to find an agent to represent you, reach out to someone or get a new business. Enhance your networking as this will give you fresh energy and vitality now.


  1. Mix Kumkum in a copper vessel with water and offer it to Lord Sun.
  2. Perform Rudrabhishekam Pooja at home


The lord of your 8th house is transiting in the 6th house of Debt, enemies and diseases. This period will be good for Capricorn natives. During this period you will feel competitive. Also, you will recover quickly if you face any disease. If you are dealing with any legal issues or case the decision will come in your favour. This is a good time to get rid of debts and loans if any. You may suffer from a specific physical ailment. You may have to put in a lot of effort to prove yourself within the professional sphere. This is a good time to hire an assistant, streamline your work and get things done in order to get organized and more efficient and flexible going forward.


  1. Feed wheat and Jaggery to a bull on Sunday to overcome the malefic aspect of Sun
  2. Keep serving your father in maintaining a respectful relationship with him, keep pampering him with gifts from time to time and help him in his work whenever you can, thereby getting the blessings of the Sun.


The lord of your 7th house is in the 5th house of Education, children and romance. The transit can affect the health of a few children. Those in business will flourish and use the tactics to rise above their competitors. It is advised to avoid any kind of gambling and betting during this transit. Investing in long-term schemes is advised. You will feel happy and positive during this period.

This period also gets your creative side active and you can spend happy moments and recreational activities. It is the best time to rekindle your love for a hobby or inject fresh life into a creative project. is advised to stay focused as your kids may get enjoyed and performed badly in the studies. You will not be able to focus properly on your spiritual practices. You have to take good care of your health as you may suffer from acidity and stomach pain.


  1. Donating copper on Sundays will be very beneficial.
  2. Avoid bribing any person, government official or cheating government, pay taxes and else it can make your Sun weaker in the horoscope.


The Lord of your 6th house Sun is transiting in the 4th house of Comfort, mother and luxuries. Sun in the fourth house may bring you some misery and you may feel heavy on emotions, the transit will take your comfort away from you for a while. However, you will recognise and accept it and will become action-oriented. Work would start very ambitious but the result may take some time to come your way. It is better to have patience and deal with the situations. Take care of your mother as her health may suffer during this period. There may be a surprise visit of your maternal uncle at your place or you may visit the family. Family occasions seem very likely to occur. You have a good time mostly. You should keep away from any kind of intoxication otherwise be ready for trouble.


  1. Wearing Jupiter-related stone Pukhraj on your index finger in the chanting guru mantra will provide you with auspicious results.
  2. Keep fast on Sunday and refrain from any non-veg food and alcohol.

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