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What Are The Effects of Saturn Retrograde In 2021 ?

Saturn retrograde goes retrograde from May 23 – October 11 in 2021. This phase is always a favorable moment to consolidate the bases of our life and readjust our social function. Indeed, it’s the opportune period to question our way of living, working and loving. Although, the question is, how are you going to experience this planetary movement? Will it be fulfilling time or will it just bring you plain bad luck? Here’s how Saturn’s retrograde motion will affect your zodiac sign this year.

Saturn goes retrograde on May 23 and returns direct on October 12, 2021

When Is Saturn Retrograde In 2021 And What Are The Effects?

Saturn retrograde goes retrograde from May 23 – October 11 in 2021. This phase is always a favorable moment to consolidate the bases of our life and readjust our social function. Indeed, it’s the opportune period to question our way of living, working and loving. Although, the question is, how are you going to experience this planetary movement? Will it be fulfilling time or will it just bring you plain bad luck? Here’s how Saturn’s retrograde motion will affect your zodiac sign this year.

Saturn takes around 29.5 years to rotate around the Sun, but it retrogrades every year for 140 days. Saturn will retrograde from May to October in Capricorn. In Roman culture, the lord of wealth and agriculture was who Saturn was named after, representing the god’s sickle.

The ringed planet, when it retrogrades, it minimises its strength. However,  if Saturn is a self-zodiac, trine, or lord of the fifth/seventh house, those natives may have good results financially, temperamentally, and behaviour-wise. The ones who have Saturn retrograde in the natal chart are less likely to be affected by Saturn retrograde. 

Saturn governs the elements of time for individuals to build themselves up. Thus, the planet can refer to studies, agriculture and construction, it’s also the planet of delays and learning about limitations. Saturn retrograde encourages us to embrace our alone time in order to better understand other people.

How does Saturn retrograde impact us?

From May 23rd to October 11th, Saturn retrograde will make us more distrustful in our relationships, to the point where you feel others’ judgment more intensely than usual. As a result, you respect a certain wisdom in your projects and you’ll let them mature quietly. 

This phase will make it difficult for you to stick to your plans. Although, here’s a piece of advice for you, don’t throw yourself into anything without thinking the consequences through. To avoid dispersing yourself, take the time to concentrate on the essential points.

  • What you shouldn’t do during this period: Start a construction project.
  • The best thing to do during this phase is to continue with a task you’ve paused and take some time for yourself, in a quiet environment.

The effects of Saturn retrograde

When this planet is retrograde, take advantage of this period to reflect on your relationships and the idea of time. Visualize the obstacles that will allow you to prevent you from continuing your projects in the long term. Alternatively, you can also define your sense of duty.

Use the strength of your world to withdraw and better support others. This planetary motion encourages notions of honesty and patience thorough deep introspection. To come back stronger and more serene in the face of your convictions and ideas, take time out for yourself. This could be the key to solving problems. It is above all with hindsight that you will be able to carry out the projects that are so important to you.

This motion requires a lot of patience and intellectual honesty in order to remain stable. You need to move forward slowly but surely! It will push you towards deep introspection in order to feel surer of your convictions as soon as it becomes direct again. You will thus be able to move forward with determination and unblock unresolved issues.

Note:- Predictions are all based on Moon Signs 


For the natives of Aries, health may be suitable for a while, but they may suffer from cold, cough, and throat problems. 

Due to Saturn being retrograde, women might suffer from low back problems, and elderly natives might suffer from issues in their right leg. During this period, natives of Aries may experience a change in their speech, behaviour, and practical life. Try to control your speech and your anger. Otherwise, overall relationships might get affected. 

Time could be good for student natives. Foreign travel may be possible. East and north directional gains may be good. This period would be favourable for natives in government jobs or are related to the government. For natives involved in politics, new revolutions may be possible. This may be a good time for making new changes as they may gain people’s confidence. 

In terms of travel, it may be a good time and travel may keep your mood cheerful. Saturn seems to be taking everything in the right direction for Arians!

A good time for those in love relationships. You may make new friends and spend more time with them, but you may try to fulfil your wish at any cost, so you are advised to believe in the mantra of “let it go” during this period. 

Remedy:- During this period, keep your mind stable, practice meditation, yoga, spiritual practices, and worship Lord Shiva.


For the natives of Taurus, overall health may be good, but you may need to take care of your health in July and August, as you may suffer from problems related to the environment such as bone pain, headache, as well as feelings of restlessness. During this period, the student natives intending to appear for government exams or academic exams may have to work harder than usual to get the desired results.

They may have to work harder or even make up their mind for the second term. This could be a favourable time for the natives involved in the finance business. Some new investments may be possible. Natives involved in politics need to be highly cautious about themselves and the decisions they make. A hasty decision may lead to trouble in the future as well. Natives seeking better or new jobs would have great job opportunities after August. During this period, the chances of travel may be moderate. Health needs to be taken care of, and elderly natives should take enough rest during this period. Time may be OKAY OKAY for love relationships. Make sure your stubbornness does not ruin your relationship. 

Remedy:- You are advised to worship Lord Vishnu, offer water to the Sun-god, and recite Aditya Hriday Stotra during this period for added benefits.


For natives of Gemini, overall health may be excellent. If they have a chronic illness, they may recover, but natives with BP, diabetes should take care of their health. 

Women natives in the 15 to 45 age group could have problems with menstrual health. A couple involved in family planning needs to be patient. They are advised not to avoid consulting a doctor to prevent any complications. You may see positive things about health after July.

This time may be favourable for students. They may have success if they want to study more. There may be good opportunities for students looking to be doctors and engineers.

It may be possible to travel abroad for further studies. Natives involved in business may make new investments. There may be a scope of expanding their businesses as well.  Finance business folks may need to be careful while taking money on interest and withholding real estate. Otherwise, there may be a problem in repaying the amount taken. 

It is a favourable time for those who are thinking about going on a pilgrimage. A love relationship may bloom, and you may be able to spend time with your partner. You may get to hang out with near and dear ones. 

Remedy:- During this time, worship of goddess Saraswati is advised, especially for the students. Natives who are housewives should worship their family goddess.


Cancer folks’ overall health may be suitable. Due to the lord of the sixth house being in eighth place, natives might experience problems related to stomach and intestines, so be cautious about your diet. Older natives may experience joint pains. Students may have eye problems during this period; it may start with the left eye and then the right eye. It is advisable to consult a doctor if cataracts occur. 

This time may be moderate for students. They may need to work harder. Parent natives may have to pay special attention to their child and be aware of who the kids are mingling around. 

It may be a good time for natives to apply for permanent residency tests or desiring to apply. This period may be favourable for finance-related matters. There may be a good opportunity for natives to purchase a new house or invest by selling the old one. During this time, you may spend quality time with your family. A family trip may be on the cards. It is a super good time for a trip. 

This period may be moderate for those who are involved in the stock market. The benefits from short-term trading may be mild, whereas long-term investment may prove to be profitable. This period may not be favourable for love relationships. Take care and don’t mess up the relationship or hurt each other’s sentiments. 

Remedy:- To avoid restlessness and anxiety, worship Shivji, pay obeisance to Chandra Narayan or take only one meal on Monday


Leo natives may enjoy good health during this period, barring some headaches, gas, and acidity problems. Leo natives may need to keep their strong temperament and stubbornness at bay and relax and let go of things during this period. 

This time may be favourable for students. Folks preparing for the government exams may need to work harder. Peeps seeking a better job or a new job may need to work harder. Natives seeking life partners may be successful. The period till November is favourable for these natives. 

There may finally be a solution to the ancestral property-related issues. You may also make new investments in the business. This may be a favourable time for love relationships. A new person may come into your life during this period. The mother-son relationship may get a little bitter during this time. Be careful to maintain relationships with neighbours. It may be a good time to get both the families to consent for the natives intending to do love marriage. 

Remedy:- Sun is the lord of Leo, so you are advised to offer water to Surya Narayan daily and recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra.


Virgo natives’ health may be moderate, but during this time, stones, as well as stomach-related diseases, are likely to occur. Elderly natives and children may suffer from a digestion-related disease. Hence homemade food is advised. This is a favourable time for students. Those who want to go abroad for further studies may find success. Virgo has a dual mind nature, so it is necessary to consult someone. Consult family members or experts to make some critical decisions. Natives possessing artistic talents, such as music, writing, etc., may achieve name and fame because of their talent. There may be excellent opportunities for the artist natives intending to enhance their art. 

You may be able to spend time with your family, and you may even go on a family trip. Natives intending to travel abroad to meet their family or children may get success in their efforts.

This is a favourable time for new investments. Issues related to inherited property may resolve for good from May to July. Natives concerned about their future might get good opportunities to prosper in their lives. Women natives seeking life partners may get good proposals. This period may be favourable for love relationships. Try to share your inner feelings and thoughts with your partner, and you may get a positive response. Everyone in the family may get along well. 

Remedy:- Virgo natives may take a meal once a day every Thursday as Rahu is dominant in the horoscope. Natives should donate fried food items on Wednesdays.


Libra natives may enjoy good health during this period, but dental problems may occur. Take precautions to avoid diseases related to the eye, ear and throat. Natives who already underwent limb surgery should take extra care to prevent problems in the future. Libra natives may have an independent nature and are fond of eating and drinking. This period may be favourable to travel opportunities as well. Libra natives may naturally be drawn deeper to spirituality. There may be a chance of a religious trip. 

This period may be average for students. Natives intending to go for higher studies may have less success, and hence they may need to put more effort. Though, suitable for natives appearing for government exams. This period may be favourable for natives who have applied to intend to settle abroad. The chances of success are good for natives preparing for class 1 and 2 officer exams. 

Natives related to the stock market need to have patience and avoid any hasty or impulsive decision, which might prove a loss. Peeps intending to open their accounts in the share market may be successful. Folks who are unsatisfied with their jobs may experience a change in the way of a promotion or transfer. 

Remedy:- For love relationships, this period may be moderate. To avoid negative thoughts, you are advised to worship your family deity and donate any white substance on every Monday and Fridays.


Scorpio natives’ health may be moderate. Natives suffering from heart problems may need to pay special attention to their health. During this period, be cautious about gas-related issues, which may cause issues like gas, headache, chest pain, and heartburn, which can cause restlessness. 

The natives of the Scorpio are very moody, and they behave according to their mood. Parents or elders need to maintain their calm while dealing with Scorpio natives. 

This period is favourable for the students. Folks studying in the Science stream need to be extra careful. Natives intending to go abroad for higher studies got to be patient, as they may have an opportunity after August. Natives striving for government jobs may need to work harder. Natives working in MNC companies or Private companies need to maintain a good relationship with their bosses or superiors. During this period, work pressure may be very high, which may stress you. Natives intending to purchase a non-movable asset need to be patient. Any hasty or impulsive decision can lead you to be a fraud. During this period, help elders. Worries about financial and family crises may plague you. Hence, make sure you control your expenses. This period is favourable for love relationships. During this period, married couples have to be cautious about their relationship to avoid bitterness in marital life. 

Remedy:- Worship Surya Narayan so that your self-confidence does not dim due to Saturn retrograde.


The natives of Sagittarius may enjoy good health during this period, but natives who are allergic or do not adapt to the outside environment be careful. During this period, you should avoid spicy, oily food and unhealthy food. This period may be overall beneficial, barring minor health problems. Rahu is passing through the sixth house, so you might end up facing issues with your communication, so being cautious about your speech and behaviour is advised. Your opponent may accuse you and may prove you wrong even when you are on the right. Try to abide by the state laws to avoid getting indulged in legal matters during this period. 

It is a good time for the students and natives looking for higher education. Job opportunities may be better for job seekers, like management, admin table work, and fame and success in your career. 

Natives seeking promotion or new job opportunities may succeed in their endeavours, but natives related to marketing and telecommunication may need to wait until October. This period is favourable for natives seeking life partners. April to October is an auspicious time to fix dates for an engagement or marriage. You may have a good life partner. It is a good time for family planning, especially from the period from June to August. This period is moderate for love relationships. 

You may witness a communication gap, and things may get back to normal after June. Be patient during that time.

Remedy:- You are advised to chant beads of Saraswati mantra, “Om kleem vagwadeenyae saraswati devay namah”.


With Saturn in Capricorn, Natives of the Capricorn may enjoy good health overall during this period. If you have any health problems like muscular pain, joint pain, infection, etc., you may feel the pain ease sooner. 

Be cautious about iron and water!

During this period, stay away from vehicles as much as possible. As Mars is accompanying Rahu, try to avoid any controversies during this period. Relationships with friends may be moderate. During this period, be cautious about not being misled or misused. 

Natives may face financial and social problems because of social issues. This time is moderate for the student natives; they may have to work harder than usual and be careful about their health. Natives intending to go out of town for studies may have some trouble. You may face some financial problems during this period. Loan repayment might seem a little challenging during this period. Hence you are advised to think wisely but avoid taking any new risks. 

For a love relationship, this time is moderate; being careful about the relationship is advisable. The elder natives need to take care of the house and be mindful of their speech to avoid any family issues. 

Remedy:- The second phase of the seven and half year cycle of Saturn (sadesati) is known to be painful, hence chanting Hanuman Chalisa, fasting on Saturday, or donating to the poor and needy people would help to minorly mitigate the effects of the cycle.


Natives of Aquarius may enjoy good health during this period but be cautious about gas and acidity problems. As Saturn is retrograding in the 12th house, Aquarius natives may experience excessive sweating – so stay hydrated. Elders might behave unusually and be a victim of unnecessary outbursts of anger. Family members need to be cautious about this. 

As Jupiter is in the ascendant, its fifth aspect directly affects education-children. The seventh aspect affects married life and career, which creates a trine on the important positions in the horoscope, which is good. Due to this, there may be fewer worries and concerns during this period. 

This is a favourable time for the students seeking higher studies. Natives applying for a visa to go aboard, either for a visit or getting settled, might have success. It is a good time to find solutions to any issues related to the inherited property.  Commercial investment may be beneficial. This time is favourable for those who want to invest in the share market and gambling. 

This is a favourable time for natives seeking a life partner or love relationship. A new relationship may bloom. It is a favourable time for travel. Elders may go on religious trips. Because of Saturn’s seven and a half year cycle in the first phase, there could be some problems, but because Jupiter is in the centre, you may keep moving forward.

Remedy:-  You are advised to chant Hanuman Chalisa.


Natives of Pisces may enjoy overall good health but may suffer some stomach related problems, primarily related to the digestive system. During this period, your left leg may get injured, and a left eye problem may occur. Student natives have to work harder during this period. Make sure that their kids are in the right kind of company and not misleading. 

Be highly selective in making friends, as friends might cause you damage. Natives involved in partnership business may profit, but if your partner is more potent than you, there may be a chance of differences of opinion. Avoid taking impulsive decisions. 

This time is not favourable for new investments. Natives involved in the share market need to have patience during this time. This time is good for natives seeking life partners. Married life may be pleasant. Chances of travel during this period may be moderate.  Elderly natives need to take precautions while travelling. For a love relationship, this time may be average. Be connected to reality and avoid negative thoughts and emotions and trusting your partner is the key here. 

Remedy:- For Pisces natives,  it is advisable to worship Hanumanji and fast every Saturday- have one meal in a day.

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