Planets in 7th House

7th house is house of relationship or partner. 7th house lord shows traits and characteristics of partner. Planets in 7th house shows the kind of activities that are happening in relationship.

It is best to have no planet in 7th house because then person may not be approaching relationship with a pre-conceived way or idea.

🔥 Sun in 7th house can show ego clashes in relationship.

🔥Moon in 7th house, if in good dignity, shows adjustment or flexibility in relation.

🔥Mars in 7th house shows dominance and control.

🔥Venus in 7th house can make person desire oriented or even desire blinded in relationship.

🔥Mercury in 7th house can bring infidelity in relationship.

🔥Saturn in 7th house can bring restrictions or frustration in relationship benefits.

🔥Jupiter in 7th house can expand expectations in relationship.

🔥Rahu/Ketu in 7th house can bring illusion or cheating in relationship.

So among planets, it is best to have Moon in good dignity in 7th house as that person will adjust a lot in relation. Sometimes more than necessary.

Needless to say that other conjunction, aspects and yogas on 7th house will have their impact on relationship.

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