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General Remedies to Improve Planet Strength

In Vedic astrology, we know that the planets in the solar system influence the human beings and their destiny. It is known that the planets move around in the solar system and change their positions which in turn would influence the human beings living on the earth.

The position of planets is determined and noted in the birth horoscope of the individual. There are some planets which have ill effects on the individual due to their position. There are various astrological remedies available to improve the strength of each planet.
Let’s see the astrological remedies available for the various planets in the solar system.

1. Sun: Every morning sit under direct sunlight for a few minutes.This will help you to get the benefits of sunlight. Food should be eaten in the presence of sunlight, which means after sunrise and before sunset. Avoid eating after sunset.Preferably drink water which has been stored in a copper utensil. Try to use wooden furniture and avoid metal furniture. Ruby is a gemstone which represents the Sun, so if Sun is weak, wear the ruby under advise of a Vedic astrologer. Perform Suryanamaskar and offer the sun water mixed with kumkum. On Sundays, avoid having salt in your food.

2. Moon: After sunset, avoid cold or frozen food.Avoid packaged or frozen foods even in the case of milk try to have natural food. Your diet should consist of fruits and salads.Always respect water, if entering a river touch it with your hand first in obeisance and then enter the river. Try to eat with you own hands and do not let your mother feed you as it is adverse for you.Give due respect to your mother. To negate the bad influence of the moon, milk or water should be consumed in silver utensils. On Mondays, wear white clothes and have kheer made from rice, milk and sugar for lunch or dinner. Prayers should be offered to Lord Shiva. Make sure that water is not wasted. As per Vedic astrology, the pearl is the gemstone which represents the Moon.

3. Mars: Try sleeping on the floor as much as possible.Try to avoid eating salt once a week. Jaggery and cereal can be included in your food.Regular chanting of Hanuman Chalisa is advised to strengthen the negative effects of Mars. Pray to Lord Ganesha and offer Laltil or Jaggery. It is advised to keep a red colour handkerchief in the pocket. It is advised in Vedic astrology to wear copper or donate it. Maintain good relations with younger siblings. Red coral is the gemstone to strengthen Mars as Mars is red and it signifies Mars.

4. Mercury: Try not to use chemical-based cosmetics and skincare products. The vibrations of soulful music will help you sooth your weaker planet. Make a habit for listening to music. A bath should be taken daily. Vedic astrology advises you to pray to Lord Vishnu. Your diet should consist mainly of greens. On Wednesdays, have moong and different vegetables in your diet. Mint and wheat should be eaten as a remedy to strengthen Mercury. Gifts should be given to unmarried girls, your sister and aunt.  Emerald is the gemstone which represents Mercury and should be worn to strengthen the ill effects of Mercury.

5. Jupiter: Avoid eating meat products. Become a vegetarian and use turmeric in cooking your meals.Hair should not be grown below the shoulder. Lord Vishnu should be worshipped and a tilak applied to the forehead to appease Jupiter. You should take refuge under a spiritual Guru. It is advised by Vedic astrology to wear yellow clothes on Thursday. It is also advised to eat and donate sweet yellow dishes. The peepal tree should also be worshipped to negate the ill effects of Jupiter. Yellow Sapphire or Pushkaraj is the gemstone recommended to be worn to strengthen Jupiter.

6. Venus: Aroma to be used while having a bath or afterwards. Vedic astrology advises to wear clean washed clothes. It is advised to eat yoghurt to strengthen your weak planet.Wearing long and hair moustache should be avoided by men. A weak Venus makes a person struggle his entire life so to make it strong it is advised to consume ghee and amla. Goddess Lakshmi has to be worshipped as a remedy. You should dance to your favourite music. Wear white clothes and respect your wife. Light diyas in your house and donate fashion accessories. White sapphire is the gemstone for strengthening Venus.

7. Saturn: Hanuman should be worshipped regularly and engage in charity work and will reap you benefits. Worship Lord Shani every Saturday and pour mustard oil mixed with black sesame seeds.Shani mantra or Sunderkand should be chanted. Avoid eating meat products. Oil should be donated to the poor and aged. Food items made of black urad should be eaten. Wear iron finger ring and regularly feed the crows. A diya should be lit under a peepal tree as per Vedic astrology

8. Rahu-Ketu:You should Help and serve ailing patients and donate medicines and treatments to the needy to reap you multiple benefits. Have a bath daily early in the morning. After your bath, Tulsi should be worshipped and two leaves consumeddaily. Go on pilgrimage often and visit temple once a week. Avoid eating food that is not cooked at home. It is advised to worship Lord Shiva and recite the LaguRudra. The Kalasarpa ritual should be performed says Vedic astrology. To strengthen Ketu, feed birds and animals and done wood to the cremation ground. To strengthen Rahu, worship Goddess Durga. Keep a pet dog at home. Do not wear stones related to these planets. Apply Chandan to the forehead and keep a peacock feather with you. Sprinkle Gaumootra around the house to negate the ill effects of  Rahu and Ketu.

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