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Avanangattilkalari Vishnumaya Temple

Avanangattilkalari Sree Vishnumaya Temple (alternatively Avanangatt Chathan Temple) is a Hindu temple at peringottukara, Thrissur District, Kerala state, India. It is dedicated to the god Vishnumaya in Kerala. The god is known also by the names Chathan.

Avanangattilkalari vishnumaya temple is the head temple of all vishnumaya temples in Kerala, especially Malabar.The temple avanangattilkalari call sree vishnumaya “moolasthanam”. The god of the temple represents the god in his fierce (‘ugra’) form, facing East, featuring two hands with various attributes. One is holding Kuruvadi (Magical wand), another hand magical pot (amrutha kumbam) and riding on water buffalo. The temple deity well known for his magical power.

The temple gain the name Avanangattilkalari because the temple surrounded Ricinus. The Ricinus plant is called in malayalam language “avanaku”, forest means malayalam language “kadu”, Avananku-kadu then changed avanangattil kalari. Kalari means Kerala traditional martial art practice or teaching location. The temple is often accredited as the original form of Vishnumaya and his 389 brothers. When God born with his 399 other brothers, 10 brothers sacrificed their life war between Shiva boothas (god Shiva’s army) and demon name Briga Rakshas.[3] Ten brothers eat bramastra in the time of compact and help Shiva boothas to kill Rakshas Briga.

The temple is in the center of Kerala and is called “vishnumaya chathan temple” by Tamil speakers. The name of chathan coming from sastha. The Temple was built in a remote past and its worship incorporates ancient Shakthyem customs which are rarely observed in contemporary Kerala temples.

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