आज का पंचाग – 22 सितंबर 2017


आज का पंचाग – 22 सितंबर 2017 – नई दिल्ली

पंचांग या पञ्चाङ्गम् संस्कृत भाषा का शब्द है, जिसका शब्दशः मतलब है पांच अंगों से युक्त वस्तु। इसलिए, पंचांग इन ५ अनिवार्य अंगों से मिलकर बनता है – तिथि, वार, योग, नक्षत्र और करण। इनके अतिरिक्त आधुनिक हिन्दू पंचांग में पर्व, राशिफल, ज़रूरी तारीख़ें और कई अन्य महत्वपूर्ण जानकारियाँ भी शामिल होती हैं। यहाँ, “आज का पंचांग” आपको आपकी जगह के आधार पर प्रत्येक ज़रूरी मुहूर्त, दिशा शूल, सूर्योदय व सूर्यास्त, चन्द्रोदय व चन्द्रास्त आदि बहुत-सी सूचनाएँ उपलब्ध कराएगा। हमें आशा है कि ये जानकारियाँ आपके लिए उपयोगी सिद्ध होंगी।

सूर्योदय   6:27:30
सूर्यास्त   18:35:00
चन्द्रोदय   8:8:46
चन्द्रास्त   20:15:5
सूर्य राशि   कन्या
चन्द्रमा राशि   कन्या


तिथि  शुक्ल द्धितीय (तक 10:42:10)
योग ब्रह्मा – 08:30:50 तक
करण कौलव – 10:44:11 तक  
चित्रा – 24:39:19 तक
अभिजीत मुहूर्त   12:07 से 12:55 तक
सक संवत   1939 – हेमलंब
विक्रम संवत   2074 – साधारण


अशुभ समय

राहु काल  11:00:19 से 12:31:15 तक
यमघण्ट काल  15:33:08 से 17:04:04 तक
गुलिक काल  07:58:27 से 09:29:23 तक


हिन्दू माह

अमांत आश्विन
पुर्णिमांत  अश्विन
पक्ष शुक्ल पक्ष

4 विचार “आज का पंचाग – 22 सितंबर 2017&rdquo पर;

    1. Navrati celebrates the victory of god over evil. Anything that is started on the final day of Vijayadasami is said to move towards success. People celebrate this festival with great devotion, religious fervour and artistic involvement. This event turns out to be a highly colourful one participated by young and the old alike. The Navrati festival has different colours throughout India.

      The mythological evidences state that the most popular Navratri during bygone times was the Navratri during summer namely the Chaitra Navratri. However, the other one which is popular today as the Ashwina Navratri during winter gained popularity only after Sri Rama’s time. It is said that Sri Rama observed this Navratri for the first time before he went to Lanka to fight with Ravan, the demon King. This as because, while he wanted to get the blessings of Mother Durga, he did not want to wait for another six months to do the puja and then go to the war. From then onwards, the Ashwina Navratri became famous.

      It is believed that the blessings of Mother Durga made Sri Rama return victorious from the war. Therefore, all the people strongly feel that the puja performed during the Navratri would get the infinite blessings of Mother Durga which shall remove the troubles of people and make them succeed in their professions and material as well as spiritual life.

      Talking of why we have two Navratris, note that both these schedules occur during the juncture of seasonal changes before the onset of winter and summer. During these times, the nature assumes a major change shifting from one set of colours to another. This is what is heralded by the Navratri celebration by worshipping Mother Durga who embodies the nature itself.

      During both these Navratris, the length of the day time is roughly equal to the length of the night time. During both the Navratris, the weather is ideal to rejoice and involve in festivities. The ideal kind of climate the nature presents during these times makes a perfect setting for an involved celebration enabling concentration of mind

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